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BLACKJACK GURU: learn how to apply the rules in free versions and play blackjack online for money successfuly.

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Learn what blackjack rule variations are in order to play correctly. Complete information and unprejudiced analysis of different blackjack games, what their advantages are and how to exploit them.

Learn How to Play Blackjack or Solidify Your Knowledge


Blackjack is considered one of the most popular and widespread card games and it is usually available in all casinos, visit roulette simulator, both land-based and online ones. This game has many admirers but even more people dream to start playing it but do not know how to start. Blackjack requires profound knowledge of the game and it is essentially important to know not to play this game. Even professional players can trap at the situation when they do not know what to do. With our help everyone will get a possibility to know this game perfectly!

Learn How to Play Blackjack or Solidify Your Knowledge: Blackjack is a classic card game that has captured the hearts of casino enthusiasts for generations here Whether you're new to the game or looking to refine your skills, our comprehensive guide is here to help. We provide step-by-step instructions for beginners and valuable tips for seasoned players looking to solidify their knowledge. With our expert advice and strategies, you'll be well on your way to mastering this exciting casino game and enhancing your chances of success at the tables.

The main distinctive feature of playing blackjack online is that firstly player need to know the ways of choosing online casino to play. That is probably the half of success, as the better casino you choose – the more chances, that is has reliable software and good odds. There are lots of online houses, which try to cheat players, making them to deposit lots of money but not to pay their winnings back. So, to be sure, that the place you’ve chosen for gambling is good, you have to make a small research – read players feedback and casino reviews, provided by different websites. The next point, which have to be taken into consideration playing online blackjack is rules of the game. Though they are almost similar with rules of playing blackjack at land based casino, check them up if you are sure, that you know them and if you are not – it is a high time to learn them!

Why is it so important to know game rules? The sense is that blackjack is a rational game and experienced competent blackjack players could increase his or her chances of winning essentially if understand how to apply the theory behind the game. The better you know rules and understand how to apply them – the more chances to win you have.

In order to demonstrate the results you could reach in blackjack, learn famous cases of outstanding blackjack gurus, such as Ken Uston and Tommy Hyland, which managed to come into a fortune owing to blackjack. Reading their stories you will definitely want to become not only one of the most prominent players, but also to reach that level of knowledge and experience, which will help you to write your own guide! Besides, motivation is very good thing and when you know what results you can reach playing this game, you will eager to do the best!

When you get acquainted with game basics, we highly recommend you to learn blackjack strategies. In this game it is very important to use them, as they really can help you to win. Moreover, you should definitely try out blackjack variations. There is a great variety of blackjack games that you can easily find in each casino online, but be careful about the rules - they could vary from one game variation to other ones fundamentally. However, one thing remains the same in all cases: you would get really thrilling challenge to cope with if play wisely.

Blackjack Gurus

Based on two detailed blackjack sites, no one is more popular than Ken Smith, who is one of the most recognized blackjack gurus and the best blackjack strategist on the World Wide Web. The two most know members of the Blackjack winners club that are in position of skills and something better are Max Rubin and James Grosjean who has created a career getting into conflicts with casinos and agencies that breach the right to win the game.

MIT Team

The main member of the MIT Blackjack Team had a meeting with an MIT graduate in 1980 by the name of Bill Kaplan, which had been involved with another blackjack team that had some success in Vegas, in fact so much that they separated in order to make money abroad.

In order to study, give advice and analyze the game of Massar's team they made an agreement to work together.

Blackjack can boast with many variations which you are welcome to choose instead of conventional blackjack to try: all of them have a lot in common though differences are also present of course. But anyway, blackjack basic strategy is something that works for all these games, so, do not forget about it if you want to succeed and win something! Play blackjack and enjoy your winnings!

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