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Al Francesco

Although there are several Blackjack card players who are famous since they were considered among the intellectuals who didn't possess any experience to play gambling. However, Al Francesco is known as one of the Blackjack players who have started to play cards during his early life. Within few years, even during his teenage, he has become famous due to his marvelous performance in Rummy and Crap in Gray, Indiana.

In the year of 1963, Al Francisco found a book written by Edward Thorp named, "Beat the Dealer". Since then he started innovations in Blackjack game and became successful to make his place in the Hall of fame of Blackjack.

The Magic of Card Counting in Blackjack:

After reading the book of Edward O. Thorp, Al Francisco started to learn the card counting in Blackjack. He has spent almost five weeks in learning and acquiring these skills, and once he prepared, he started to apply his new strategy in the real Casino games. His changed strategy brought good results he started to win the games continuously without any significant loss.

When the Team Play of Blackjack Started?

After some years, Francesco was with his family in the Lake Tahoe and waiting for the dinner. His brother was playing Blackjack on the adjacent table. He was, however; placing smaller bets only. His brother bets one dollar at the low count and five dollars at the time of favorable count. Francesco, who was talking with his brother-in-law when found that his brother is player blackjack at the nearby table, he started to participate in his game. He has thrown $100 at the time of his brother's bet of $5 and didn't throw any dollar at the time of his brother's bet of $1.

When Francesco wanted to come out from the place, the dealer approached him and asked to play with him. The dealer wanted to invite Francesco since he was thinking that Francesco is wealthy and carelessly throw out his money since he had no knowledge of Blackjack play. Perhaps he didn't know the reality that it is very difficult to beat Francesco in Blackjack game. That was the occasion, when Francesco thought to play the game in the form of a team.

Team Strategy in Blackjack:

Francesco organized a team of many counters with one big player. He used to deploy these spotters at various tables in the Casio hall. He adopted the strategy of card-counting that could not be detected by the casino management. These spotters were directed to bet low consistently.

At the favorable count, the Big Player is signaled to join the spotter. For the dealer, a person is the big player who is ready to spend his wealth on behalf of his luck. With the passage of time, Francesco increased number of spotters in his team. Ken Uston, who was one of his spotters, has written a book, later on, on the Strategy of "The Big Player" developed by Francesco.

How Team Play at Blackjack Got Fame?

The book written by Uston has got much popularity; however, this book ended the team play of Francesco. Since in this book the Francesco's strategy had been revealed, therefore; the casino management has taken steps in order to prevent this strategy. With the help of this book, the team strategy of Francesco had become famous in all over US. After that book, Francesco became one of the seven inductees in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Later, he resigned from this game and started to participate in other sports betting, like horse racing, etc.

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