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Bill Kaplan

Bill Kaplan is famous due to his plans and strategies for playing Blackjack in Las Vegas. He is considered the hero of MIT Blackjack team. He was leading a team of university students who had been involved in Blackjack game and had been using the tactics like team play and card counting, etc. Kaplan didn't generated any team, however; he tought the participants how to do card counting in order to win the game persistently. This is true that he has developed such a team who was expert in money making and had been ruling the Casino for more than 10 years.

Kaplan's Interest Increased in Team Play of Blackjack

During student life, Kaplan took interest in reading different books on Casino games. During his studies in Harvard University, he read a book on Blackjack written by Ken Uston. This book was on the strategy of team play. He has become too much inspired by reading this book and since then Kaplan started doing research on how to win the team-Blackjack Strategy.

How Kaplan Remained Successful?

Kaplan deferred his studies for one year in Harvard Business Scholl and started to spend his time in the Vagas in order to form his own team of Blackjack game. He used his money in gambling which he earned during his participation in athletics when he was studying in Harvard. Although different teams were finding it difficult to implement the strategies and card counting in the game of Blackjack, however; the team of Kaplan enjoyed these strategies very much and earned a lot. Within just 9 months, the team of Kaplan has earned up to 35 folds more than the initial investment.

This team then went for playing the Blackjack at international level after several years spending their time in the Casinos of Vagas. However, the Kaplan felt that it is difficult to play with the same team having same rules and regulations at different places. At that instance he determined to break away himself from this team of Blackjack.

MIT team and Advice of Kaplan:

MIT team used to play Blackjack, however, at various occasions during real Casino, they used to take advice from Kaplan. The team leader of MIT, J.P. Massar, asked Kaplan to provide suggestions how to improve team performance in Cambridge at Chinese Restaurant.

Kaplan started observation of MIT team and discovered that each player didn't coordinating with other player during the game. They were not playing cohesively and each player was applying a different way or strategy. They players were doing a lot of mistakes and they were spending a lot of time in Atlanta City in order to discuss the strategies, however; they were not spending their time in playing Blackjack.

On these suggestions Kaplan had been invited to train the MIT team. He agreed for that and started coaching the team. Kaplan taught them how to count the cards, how to implement the strategy and how to win the game. Within less time, the performance of the team improved and the team started to make a lot of money.

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