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How to earn money playing blackjack?

BLACKJACK GURU: learn how to apply the rules in free versions and play blackjack online for money successfuly.

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Blackjack variations: practice gratis

Learn what blackjack rule variations are in order to play correctly. Complete information and unprejudiced analysis of different blackjack games, what their advantages are and how to exploit them.

Want to try anything more than just conventional blackjack?


Taken all other card games and the possibility of Blackjack downloads into account, there is much more in Blackjack than just a plain and simple card counting.

Blackjack can boast with many variations which you are welcomed to choose instead of conventional blackjack to try: all of them have a lot in common though differences are also present of course. But anyway, blackjack basic strategy is something that works for all these games, so, do not forget about it if you want to succeed and win something!

Blackjack Games to Try

  • Pontoon - Is considered to be an ancestor to Blackjack, a pontoon is a card combination two cards that total to 21. A pontoon will reward you with a double bet, with the odds of the dealer winning with the same score in his favor, while the cards of his were hidden to start off with.
  • Blackjack Pro - the main idea of the game is that the players do not have a choice of folding with the winning total being 10 or 11. Also leaving out the chance to double upon a split or re-split. With ties considered to not have a winner the players don't have a choice to surrender or hit upon separating Aces.
  • Double Exposure - also known as Double Disclosure and Face Up 21, the reason for that being the possibility to see both of the dealers cards, but the possibility of winning a tie is only the dealer's, a part from blackjacks which can pay money equally. If you get to blackjack after requesting more cards you don't have a chance to get your bonus.
  • Triple Shot - a game based on creativity and based on stages. Being a variant of blackjack with the possibility of multiplayer, everyone receives a card each. The winners are the ones who received a highest single card or a hand of blackjack in the second round.
  • Extreme 21 - In this game each player has a chance to take a shot at beating the dealer. All hands that equal to 21 win, players have a chance to split or fold pairs but there are no draws.

All of these games are possible to meet online at, and you are welcome to use blackjack download to enjoy them whenever you want.

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