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Learn what blackjack rule variations are in order to play correctly. Complete information and unprejudiced analysis of different blackjack games, what their advantages are and how to exploit them.

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Based on two detailed blackjack sites, no one is more popular than Ken Smith, who is one of the most recognized blackjack gurus on the World Wide Web. Want to know more about blackjack experts? Here they are:

Steve Forte

Before the release of his book called "Read the Dealer" Steve Forte began with the sharing of game knowledge in order to help players "beat the house". The book was also read by the casinos which no one knew about, what then lead to a change in policies and procedures to help return the game to its previous state.

Edward Thorpe

While many were trying to "read" the dealer based on the technique of Forte, a guide by the name of "Beat The Dealer" was developed and published by his creator by the name of Edward Thorpe, who is probably the most famous and popular players of all mentioned here.

Without any scientific proven facts of the games functionality the put them to test, wrote them and sold over a hundred thousand copies of his book. To find out more about other players read about MIT Blackjack team.

Stanford Wong

Among other people who have built on the theory of Thorp's is Stanford Wong which created a famous strategy by the name of "woning " which consists of a distant card counting technique that allows you to enter the best game at the right time.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston was the one to take the game a step ahead by developing blackjack team play, at the end of the day in need of camouflage in order to join games in casinos worldwide.

Jimmy Pine

Another celebrity goes by the name of Jimmy Pine who earned his rank by skill and knowledge of the right time to grab the spotlight, being a tournament gamer he is popular for his "pay the little man" slogan always when someone wins over the casino. Sam Vaughn a player who spent a dozen years making trips in-between Arizona and Nevada in order to develop his skills which led him to a million dollar jackpot. Joe Pane is another gamer who made an appearance after being injured and is the most "winning" players that exists until this day.

To sum it all down, the two most know members of the Blackjack winners club that are in position of skills and something better - Max Rubin who is a champion gambler and a consultant which has a skill of actually "playing" the casinos, receiving amazing rewards and letting everyone else know how it's done. Another person who is a professional at what he does is James Grosjean who has created a career for himself at the same time getting into conflicts with casinos and agencies that breach the right to win the game.

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