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How to earn money playing blackjack?

BLACKJACK GURU: learn how to apply the rules in free versions and play blackjack online for money successfuly.

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Blackjack variations: practice gratis

Learn what blackjack rule variations are in order to play correctly. Complete information and unprejudiced analysis of different blackjack games, what their advantages are and how to exploit them.


Sound judgment possesses central importance in blackjack game. By virtue of these judgments, the game becomes more profitable and can enhance the life of bankroll too much. The following tips of the blackjack game that is played online are without any exception. These tips make the other game strategies much easier and better, like for instance the card counting become an easy job by virtue of these tips.

Do Not Surrender:

There are several websites on the blackjack secrets which explain surrendering and insurance since they keep secrets of blackjack winning. These sites would tell you how to capture the table and they provide solid advices on this subject.

However, if it is seen with closed eyes, there is no point in online blackjack game, when a player should think whether surrender or to buy insurance. These are the tricks of Casinos that they give impression to save the players from losses by virtue of these options. In actual, the losses are sometimes inevitable and could not be prevented by any means.

In addition, if a player goes to surrender or to buy insurance, then he would attain double loss. The simplest way to avoid the double loss is to play the game confidently and let your dealer to beat you if you will not be able to beat him. Believe that you will not attain the double loss.

Knowledge of House Rules:

This is necessary to know the rules of the house before starting the game if you really want to get much benefit. Remember ignoring the rules of house means you are giving your money in the cuddle of luck and losing the chances to win the game. Don't bet on your luck unless you want to loss the game deliberately. Therefore, this is highly recommended that you should get familiarize with the basic and strategic rules of the online casino game before starting to play.

There is no Use to Count the Cards in an Online Blackjack Game:

Nowadays the single deck table games are not being played regularly. Card counting is only important in single deck play and there is no importance of it in a game which possesses the table of multiple decks.


You should know when to split if you want to have good control in an online blackjack game. Split when counting the card would be impossible. According to the rule, aces should be split and the cards having numbers 10 and 5 should not be split. Splitting of the hand cards should be done according to the up-card of the dealer.

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