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MIT Blackjack Team: how they beat blackjack casinos

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With the beginning of the MIT Blackjack Team in the halls of a school as a club, students began their meetings for fun, just to test their skills and share ideas while playing the game, which later grew to the growth of the quantity of underground blackjack casinos, where the team used to try out their inventions on a daily basis.

Nowadays card counting became so popular that blackjack casinos are coming up with ways to return the game to a more unpredictable game that it is with the help of teaching the dealers to count cards and making them shuffle the deck a high bet is placed. All blackjack experts use this technique and its various systems in order to beat blackjack.


Upon overcoming a whole variety of things from failures to success in their plan to make a fortune in Atlantic City, most of the gamblers left the group discouraged and with a loss of interest. The main member of the MIT Blackjack Team had a meeting with an MIT graduate in 1980 by the name of Bill Kaplan, which had been involved with another blackjack team that had some success in Vegas, in fact so much that they separated in order to make money abroad. In order to study, give advice and analyze the game of Massar's team they made an agreement to work together.

With a first impression that was not so hopeful, he noticed how the team did not have much teamwork involved: a lot of arguing based on individual theories took place instead of actually playing blackjack. A part form that the team was based on great potential to start off with, he soon was only willing to offer his support based on the methods how an actual business is run, with the help of timetables, strategy paperwork and a total of money earned. An attractive system of card counting was finally agreed on and greater preparation took place to reach the "pro" level that a profitable team should have.

The final step

In the middle of 1980 a beginning to profitable games was laid with the MIT Blackjack Team playing at casinos. With the great foundation of Kaplan's capital which consisted of $90.000, the team began profiting around $170 an hour. There was still left room for the team's improvement, it reached such a point that the blackjack casinos began to notice, and at the sight of Kaplan an immediate search took place and the management lay over to Massar's shoulders.

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