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Tommy Hyland

The tale of Tommy Hyland starts some decades back on the roads of New Jersey. Before that, he was in his teens. He used to toss the coin frequently with his friends on the wall. Among them the person was considered winner who was found near to wall. These habits of coin tossing and interests in card and sports betting brought Tommy Hyland in a serious of world's high ranking gamblers who were played games in the Casino, situated worldwide.

How Tommy Inspired?

He left the hopes of getting a good job in accordance with count cards learning in blackjack. He started to study and research at local book store. He was inspired with the book of Lawrence Revere on Blackjack play and since then he decided to play this game for his livings.

Development of a Team

He has made a team with few of the players who were possessing nearly $16000 bankroll with good and sound knowledge to play the blackjack. Within few months time, this team had become successful in tripling the amount, i.e. up to $50,000. They have started playing in Atlantic City Casino and while playing they have continued increasing their knowledge be reading the literatures of other Casinos.

They especially emphasized on the books of Stanford Wong and Ken Uston who have written marvelous books with authentic guide lines on Million Dollars Blackjack. The book written by Ken Uston on team play gave much inspiration to Tommy and Tommy's team and then they decided to move out from Atlantic City and approached the bigger Casino in Las Vegas.

How Team Grew?

With the passage of time and due to requirement, Tommy kept on recruiting new members in his team and kept on teaching and educating him on the game of blackjack. Within few months, Tommy succeeded to develop a group of 20 members by teaching the new players the technique of card counting and playing blackjack.

Strategy of Tommy's Team:

Tommy along with his team had been using small computers in addition to the strategies of shuffle tracking and ace sequencing in order to get the edge over the Casino. The Casinos of Las Vegas had been exploited for many years by the strategies and tactics of Tommy and team members. They have used their extensive knowledge and remained successful in generating thousands of dollars. However; with the increment of their knowledge, skills and bankroll, the security and technology of Casino had also been evolved in order to halt the strategies of Tommy and their team members. They have been caught, arrested and banned several times in the US due to their tactics and strategies.

Hurdles in Team Strategy:

With the preventive policies of the Casinos, their strategies started to face failure and they started to become unsuccessful repeatedly. Tommy and team members were arrested in 1994 from Windsor, Ontario when they have been caught red handed in making money by using a team play with ace-sequencing. However; the court of law decided that they were not cheating and they were using their intelligence and mathematics in this play.

There are several stories in the past which shows how the Casino players had been caught and blamed if they were found using their tactics. Although they have been considered cheaters, however; they were doing nothing except using their skills, mathematical calculations and intelligence.

Even now one can see the team members of Tommy Hyland who play blackjack with the same strategy. Tommy Hyland is regarded as one of the greatest blackjack players' rights supporter and his overall work had been dignified in the year of 2003 when he was included in the Hall of Fame of Blackjack.

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